SHARP Meeting Tonight 7pm + FREE SPACE MONDAYS



SHARP works hard to be fiscally responsible and to create opportunities to elevate the quality of life in the Sunset Heights District.  One of their boldest ventures has been their brick and mortar building saavy.  After demolishing an old meeting hall and selling off one the lots it was located on, SHARP reinvested in the neighborhood by finding a way to get a loan and construct a gorgeous building located at 1736 9th Avenue.  This investment is on its way to being paid off which empowers SHARP to give even more back to the community.


The ground floor of 1736 9th Avenue hosts a beautiful and well-equipped community room with handicap access, a garden, tables and chairs for dozens of people.  Recently, they have also acquired a projector for film screenings and presentations.  SHARP holds monthly member meetings that are open to the public on the last Monday of the month.  On the other Mondays of the month, SHARP seeks to donate their space to local folks who may need it for a community event, a learning lab, a film screening or some other type of event.  Check out how to apply on our page FREE SPACE MONDAYS!  Applications are currently being accepted.


To remind you, on the docket are presentations on issues that definitely impact you-the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare and the Masonic Avenue redesign project which removes traffic lanes and parking spaces to install bicycle lanes and center median.  Representatives from Organizing For ActionCovered California and Assembly member Phil Ting‘s office will be talking healthcare and SHARP members will anchor a discussion on Masonic Avenue’s redesign.  Stop by and check out the space!


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